Used School Buses – Finding A Used Bus for Sale

Before purchasing a new school bus it is important to consider all of your options. If you are working within the confines of a tight budget it may be in your best interest to look into purchasing used school buses. There are several businesses that specialize in the selling of used school buses.

Several companies located on the Internet are dedicated to providing customers with excellent transportation products and ongoing customer support. When purchasing used school buses choose a Company that allows the customer to continually stop in for required maintenance and parts. Some Companies will even keep customers updated on the latest developments in the field of transportation.

The type of used buses for schools that are available for purchase range in both size and price. Most used school buses that are purchased can be customized to operate in a smaller, urban area as part of the public transit system. The smaller, customized units are great for colleges, churches, hospitals, retirement communities, hotels, airports and resort areas.

School buses – used or new – can be customized to have a wheelchair lift which is ideal for the safe transport of individuals who have physical disabilities. These types of smaller school buses can be used as part of a special transportation division.

One of the biggest bus Companies is Sonny Merryman, Inc. Sonny Merryman is a bus Company that is affiliated with both the Startrans Bus Division of the Supreme Corporation and DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses of North America. The types of used school buses sold are customized buses, school buses, shuttle buses, low floor city transit buses and other transportation vehicles.

On top of purchasing used school buses a customer can also purchase Freightliner Sprinter Vans. These vans are made by Mercedes Benz and are the perfect vocational service vehicle. These cargo vans and passenger vans are used for transporting a small group of people or goods to customers or carrying equipment.

The price of used school buses ranges from two-thousand dollars to over seven-thousand dollars. One can purchase a used school bus that is powered with either gasoline or diesel fuel. Most of the buses for sale were made in the 1990’s. Before you purchase a used bus for the school, make sure that the bus Company offers some sort of warranty. This will ensure that you are buying a reliable product that is guaranteed for a specific period of time.

Most used school bus Companies offer to ship products around the world. This is the best way for a company or individual working within a budget to purchase several used school buses. There are numerous bus Companies that are located on the Internet. Another option is to purchase a used school bus from an auction. There are auctions held throughout the United States. Save yourself thousands of dollars by purchasing top-quality, used school buses.

Passenger Buses for Sale Should Be Selected With Care

Passenger buses are required in fields like tourism and church transport. But finding the right bus for the service you want to provide is the major task. Once you find the right kind of bus that you require half the battle is won. Nevertheless, there are several issues that should be kept in mind while buying these passenger buses for sale.

Financing a passenger bus is the main issue that one should deal with at the very beginning. Different companies offer different financing options while selling a bus. Also, certain models of buses get better financing options than others. These finance options must be thoroughly determined along with a thorough examination of the crucial parts. If the results of the evaluations are satisfactory only then you should go ahead and purchase the bus.

Major brands of buses should always be preferred to the ones that are not so famous. This is so because replacement parts for the major bands of buses can be easily found. It is very difficult to find parts for imported buses or the models that were manufactured only for a year. Though the buses of famous brands may cost more than the others but the investment would be a better one because replacement parts are easily available.

Securing the best insurance for your passenger bus is also a major concern. If a proper insurance does not support the bus then deal may not be profitable. A proper insurance should cover for depreciation, attrition, maintenance and sales operations.

Seating capacity is a major concern for the passenger buses; larger the seating capacity more will be the profits. Hence, another issue that should be kept in mind while buying these kinds of buses is the size. Depending on the kind of service you want to cater, you should decide whether to opt for a 102 inches wide coach or the standard 96 inches wide one. The larger buses will cost more, but then the revenue that they generate is more than the smaller buses. Weight is also another factor that should be kept in mind while purchasing these buses. The heavier buses are costlier than the lighter ones, but at the same time they are more durable than the lighter buses. Before purchasing a bus it should also be noted if there are any restrictions on height and weight or any special licenses that are required to run the bus on the routes you are planning.

In recent times passenger buses are equipped with several advantages, like audio-visual systems. Double-decker passenger buses are also available to suit capacity requirements of different tour operations. Many tourism agencies that use these buses offer packages including transportation, lunch, complimentary snacks and at times even a small souvenir.

Used Buses

Buses are such a convenient way of transportation for goods and passengers that some are designed for specific purposes. Many used buses reach the garages as they cannot be disposed off easily. Instead of just collecting dust in the yard or garage, it can be utilized by some organizations that do not have big budgets to buy the new ones. Used buses can be redesigned and customized for private use as long as they are in a running condition. The potential buyers in this segment have very specific requirements. Sometimes old buses are donated to charitable organizations for their welfare. As new kinds of buses hit the road, the old ones get the boot. But the used buses can be a great utility vehicle.

Used buses for sale are of different models, from leading manufacturers and are offered at reasonable prices. They are sold at auctions too. The internet has become a powerful tool for owners to dispose their buses so that they can invest in new ones. With the available pictures, history of mileage, engine condition, interior and exterior, insurance papers well documented it is not difficult to get a buyer. The price can always be negotiated before buying. The buyer then had a choice of redesigning it or using it on as-is-where-is basis. Used buses can be used as shuttle buses also. Aging fleet of the public transportation also can be reused by private users. This way they do not pollute or congest the traffic on main roads. Many used vehicles have to be maintained by new guidelines of safety and pollution control as once the aging process sets in they can be harmful to the environment. Therefore conforming them again to new standards is equally important. Mainly school buses are put for hire or on sale in America as new models keep coming in the market. The used buses are used for cargo transportation too.

There is a good demand for used buses in countries that don’t have big budgets. These buses can also be shipped across the globe. Used buses can also turn into tour vehicles-the hop on hop off variety for sightseeing. Big and small buses can be sold off to potential buyers. An average sized bus can carry passengers from 25-50 or bigger ones carry even 100. They buyer has to assess the needs, weigh the pros and cons before making any commitments.

HHO Buses

While riding a bus commuting to work you realized that these vehicles really put out a lot of pollution in the air. A bus essentially has a bigger engine than normal driven cars. It can guzzle up gas faster and can produce more carbon dioxide unlike those smaller vehicles. Although, these buses are also very important for our daily lives, people can save a lot of money riding a bus rather than maintaining an automobile. It is an affordable and effective mode of transportation for individuals who just need to arrive at a specific destination. How can we improve buses, and make it more adaptable to our environment without increasing the cost of its fare.

Hydrogen Buses is the ultimate solution for this problem. We all know that hydrogen is a great alternative fuel that can definitely power any engine. Nowadays, hydrogen fuel conversion and HHO technology are paving its way to the automobile world. Some people believe that this is the next step in our fuel economy. This alternative fuel is already in used today and is increasingly growing in demand. The vehicles of the future are entirely dependent on the use of hydrogen as its energy source.

Why use hydrogen to power our buses? Actually, a handful of dedicated individuals all over the world are taking into consideration the use of hydrogen in order to power our busses. Some of them have already started to produce this kind of vehicles which will be used by the general public.

What is a hydrogen bus?

A hydrogen bus is a long motor vehicle for carrying passengers that is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. It is a great mode of transportation for people who wants to commute. Hydrogen fuel cells as its energy source do not actually require fossil fuels in order for it to operate. Also Hydrogen busses produce an environment friendly emission which is just water vapors. This in turn provides no harmful elements that are safer for the atmosphere.

Although, producing a hydrogen bus can be expensive that is why more studies and research are put in effect to make it more affordable to use and build in the near future. Countries in Europe and America are trying their best in developing hydrogen buses. They believe that this new technology will be crucial for the years ahead. Some of these buses are also being tested and used today.

One vital part in operating these hydrogen buses is by establishing hydrogen refilling stations within its area of service. These stations are also as safe as a typical gasoline station wherein a vehicle can refuel. Production of hydrogen is currently under speculations because of its production cost. Harvesting hydrogen from water needs a powerful electric current that usually comes from ordinary gasoline fuels or fossil fuels. These in turn can also be harmful to our environment, that is why some individuals are giving out ideas to use alternative fuels or energy like, solar power, natural gas, and many more to produce hydrogen.

What Are the Features of Party Buses?

When you choose to ride the party buses you certainly choose right. This is one decision that you are not going to regret for the wonderful benefits that it brings your way.

The reasons why you will not regret your decision:

A wonderful fleet:

All the coaches that come in this fleet are motor coaches and buses. These come at a length of 40 to 45 feet. Any bus that is less than 40 feet is not the kind that will offer you the best of comfort. This is one important criterion to keep in mind whilst hiring a bus. The buses that are less than 40 feet in length will not offer you the best of comfort. Their driving characteristics are also different compared to the other bigger vehicles.

Wide selection:

You can select a mini-bus if you are a group of 20 to 30 and for larger groups say between 45 to 60 you can opt for the motor coaches and passenger buses. These forms of travel offer you the best in safety, comfort and other driving characteristics.

Ergonomically designed:

The way they are constructed is keeping passenger comfort in mind. The seats are made of plush leather to offer optimum comfort. They are ergonomically designed to give your spine, back and neck muscles the right kind of support. There is enough leg space so that you do not feel cramped. The luggage space is enough to put in all your cargo with the greatest of ease. There can be no other more quieter or smoother a ride than when you hire party buses. The seating layout is optimized for comfort and giving the passengers the most delightful of traveling experiences.

The standard seating arrangement in a 40 foot long bus is 47 to 49 people and in a 45 foot long bus it is 56 to 58. This offers the passengers enough space to comfortably move around.

Safety measures:

The weight and the size of these vehicles make them far easier and one of the safest of options to ride around in. The trained drivers will take care of all the safety regulations. Moreover you will not to have to worry about paying any tolls, parking fees or whatever as all of this will be taken care of by the driver.

Utmost comfort:

Most of the coaches have a washroom in them. This can certainly be a boon. You will love the feeling of being able to travel in such plush comfort.

Amenities and Options When You Hire Party Buses

If you want to pull out all the stops for your party and make it one swell one, then arrange for party buses to carry your guest to and fro.

Comfort and ease:

This will not only promise them the comfort and ease of travel but none of them will be able to drop out because of not having adequate travel arrangements by their side.

A party, celebration or an occasion is the time when you have your loved ones by your side. You want everything to go well for the party and you certainly want them to have the time of their life. In the party buses that are custom built they are bound to. These buses are built keeping in mind what the customers will require in order to be able to travel comfortably in them. You will love the feeling of being able to cruise down the roads in comfort, listening to music, watching the latest movie, singing and chattering or just soaking in the ambience of all your friends and family around you.

Various different bus options:

There are several countless different options that you can choose from in the hiring of buses. At the same time, there is countless number of different buses that you can choose from. First, decide on the number of people who will be traveling in the bus and then book the right bus. This is certainly going to be the most special time in your life. A time of great fun and frolic!

Professional staff:

The chauffeur driven bus is manned to perfection. You can hire it for a small size of 20 people or even more than a fifty people.


There are several amenities that you can look forward to in them such as a bar, beds and sofas, a plasma television, sound system, dining tables and anything else that will make travel easy. They have been custom fitted with chairs that are perfect. The ergonomic design of the bus will ensure that you do not feel the least bit of travel fatigue. Rather, you might not actually want to get off the bus when you arrive at the venue. You will feel as though the party as already begun in the bus. This is certainly an excellent and one of the best means of transport. The party bus is priced competitively too.

New and Used Church Buses For Sale, A Guide

When looking for New and Used church buses for sale, it is important to consider many things, including finding a bus dealer that will help find the right bus for your church’s requirements. Look for church buses for sale online, as well as locally. When doing so, you will be able to make a well informed decision by comparing the many church bus sales companies that advertise there and will sell and deliver to your area.

Sales for mini to midsize church buses have grown steadily over the past few years. The determination by the National Transportation Safety Board that the 15 passenger is dangerous due to it’s tendency to roll over during reflex traffic maneuvers or tire blow outs was part of the reason for the increase in bus sales. After the 15 passenger van was declared dangerous, the insurance industry stepped in and either canceled or raised their rates on van policies. Thus, the mini to midsize bus became very popular among churches looking for church buses for sale. Because of the lower center of gravity there is less likelihood of a rollover, making it the safer vehicle.

When looking for a safe church bus for sale, there are many important issues to consider. To begin, find a bus dealer that has reputation and experience for working with a multitude of churches, has favorable references and has knowledge of the special needs of church bus transportation. There are many church bus dealers offering church buses for sale, but it’s important to find the one that will understand your bus requirements.

One of the most important questions the church should consider is how to spend its member’s money in a highly efficient way. Should you buy a new bus or a used bus? Most churches put less than 5,000 miles on a bus per year. The expected life of a late model (1998 up) bus engine is up to 500,000 miles. Why spend $50-100,000. or more on a new bus when it loses 1/3rd of its value in the first year, regardless of the mileage? You can purchase a preowned refurbished used bus for half the cost of a new bus, and it normally will last the church a lifetime.

Beware that some bus dealers will label a bus for sale as refurbished after only painting the exterior and changing the seats. That is only a fraction of what should be done. Buses for sale that are refurbished should go through a thorough inspection with over 250 parts that are inspected. Then either repair or replace items that don’t pass inspection. Some parts like alternators, starters, water pumps, power steering pumps, pulley bearings, brake calipers and pads, steering stabilizers, should be replaced automatically so that you know they will last. Other parts like ball joints, wheel covers, and tires should be replace 95 percent of the time. Only if they are almost new, should they be left alone. A refurbished bus should also be painted so that there will be no overlooked blemishes. When you see a refurbished used bus for sale, you may ask, “where are the used buses?” thinking that the refurbished used buses for sale are new.

On the other hand, if your church will be driving the bus over 20,000 miles per year, maybe a new church bus is the best answer for you. Try to use dealers that show you standard and option pricing sheets on each different model. Some bus dealers will lists these online so that it will be convenient to compare models.

The maintenance that a church bus for sale will need is critical. Most used church bus dealers offer no warranty, find a dealer that offers warranties on their used church buses. Also, inquire if the church bus dealer will service the church bus after the sale. If the dealer has no service center how could he have knowledge of your bus? Of course, you will feel more confident if your used church bus for sale was a refurbished bus.

Availability of church buses for sale should be considered locally as well as online. Many dealers advertise church bus sales online, showing pictures of their new and used church buses. Try to use websites that include inventory with pictures, pricing and descriptions. This can help you to decide with a more diversified and detailed selection for your church bus sales search. Remember to always consider the refurbishment of the used church bus for sale when comparing prices. A refurbished church bus may be a little more expensive, but in the long run, the wiser choice. With refurbished bus sales there are fewer worries of unexpected repairs. Confidence and reliability will be a key factor with your congregation.

Some decisions to make when starting your Church Bus Sales search.

* Will your driver have a Commercial Drivers License?
* How many seats?
* Will you need storage for luggage?
* Will you need a handicap bus?
* Will you need seat belts?
* What is your budget?

Why an Increasing Number of Visitors to Chicago, Indiana, and Michigan Opt For Charter Buses

If you are traveling to a convention, event, or gathering of any sort, charter buses are an excellent choice. Charter buses are an affordable and hassle-free alternative to other means of transportation if you are traveling as a large group. Whether you are traveling with a church group, sports team, school, or company, make your outing convenient with a charter bus.

Charter Buses in Chicago

Chicago, aka the Windy City, is home to several unique attractions that make it a hot spot for tourism. Whatever it is that brings you to this sprawling metropolis, make your stay hassle-free with a charter bus tour. On a bus tour you will be able to get everywhere on your itinerary without any hassle while visiting some of the city’s top attractions.

Chicago is a thriving city that is home to world-renowned shopping, dining, architecture, museums, performing arts, and much more. If you are planning any type of group event, charter bus tours are a cost-effective choice. Sights and events in Chicago that attract visitors from around the world include the Chicago Jazz Festival, the Navy Pier, the Alder Planetarium, and the Sears Tower.

Charter Bus Tours in Indiana

The University of Notre Dame in Indiana attracts college football enthusiasts from around the nation. Prospective college students and their families visit Indiana to tour the myriad university campuses in the state. No matter what brings you to Indiana, you can make your visit a hassle-free one with charter bus tours. Aboard charter buses you can relax and feel reassured knowing that you will make it to every destination on your list in a timely manner.

Charter Buses in Michigan

Michigan is home to unmatched natural beauty and several recreational activities. Cities like Holland, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon are top tourist attractions in Michigan. Whether you enjoy the indoors our outdoors, you will find plenty to do to stay entertained during your stay in Michigan. Everyone from children to the elderly will have a wonderful stay there. Complete with outdoorsy recreation and stunning natural beauty, Muskegon is a popular choice for nature lovers. Holland, Michigan allows visitors to get a taste of Dutch culture without having to set foot on foreign soil. Grand Rapids is home to gorgeous parks, fascinating museums, and lovely gardens that will keep everyone in your group content. Make sure you schedule your group outings in Michigan with a charter bus. Charter buses in Michigan are affordable, efficient, and comfortable. No other means of transportation is comparable when it comes to traveling around Michigan as a group.

Buying Shuttle Buses – A Checklist

Shuttle buses are basically used for transporting people across small distances. It could be used by a corporate house for transportation of employees, by a religious organization for its followers, by the airport for taking passengers to the plane and back, and so on. If you are in the market for shuttle buses, the following checklist may be of help.

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to buy used or new. New buses are invariably pricier but they can also withstand the rigors of several journeys over the years because they are new. They have better facilities too. On the other hand, used buses are more cost effective but they can make the buyer a profit only if they are in excellent working condition. It takes an expert to verify the actual running condition of a used bus. Set your budget before you even begin your search – and stick to it. A little market research can help you arrive at the approximate costs involved.

The size of the bus is another important consideration. When purchasing the bus, it is necessary to calculate the capacity taking into account present requirements as well as future growth prospects. The 25 passenger shuttle bus is one of the most popular options for most buyers, since the size makes maneuvering easy and the bus has the capacity to transport a sizable group of people.

Shuttle buses are expected to be fast movers and they are on the road a long time. Therefore, buyers must pick their buses carefully. One has to choose between gasoline and diesel engines, automatic and manual transmission and so on. These are complicated matters and require discussion with an expert.

These days, buses are equipped with all kinds of creature comforts. Luxury buses are the norm. Music systems, TV, DVD, air conditioning and internet availability are some of the features passengers look for. In addition to this, comfortable seats and plush interiors are also quite common these days. Such facilities add to passenger comfort. More facilities invariably cost more.

If you are buying a brand new bus, it is advisable to make the purchase from a reputed dealer who has been in the business for a long time. Many dealers make customized buses that suit the unique requirements of buyers. Experienced dealers also employ experienced staff and provide excellent customer service. They are more inclined to work with buyers to nail down requirements and offer suggestions. Ultimately, they make the bus buying experience a happy and highly satisfactory one.

APSRTC Buses – Most Preferred Means to Travel in Hyderabad City

With around 70 lakh population, Hyderabad is one of the most populous cities in India. Hyderabad city provides a number of employment opportunities – both white collar and blue collar jobs; thus it attracts people from different places across India to come and work. A large number of working population in Hyderabad depends on public transport to travel. Not only employees, school/college students to job seekers, kids to senior citizens, and housewives to maids, almost everybody travels in state owned public transport – APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation).

Why people in Hyderabad prefer APSRTC?
Though there are different means of public transport like SETWIN buses (sponsored by State Government but not part of APSRTC), MMTS (local trains), autos, hire cabs, etc., APSRTC buses (generally called as city buses/RTC buses) are most preferred choice for many people in Hyderabad.

Many people travel in city buses because:

•Economical -With four rupees, you can travel up to 3 kms in ordinary bus in Hyderabad city. You can travel from Dilsukhnagar to Secunderabad (around 13 kms) with just Rs.11. On a side note, the fuel price hikes in the state are forcing people to lock their vehicles at their home.

•Comfortable -People find traveling in city buses more comfortable than traveling in other vehicles, sometimes they prefer city buses over their personal vehicles. They need not deal with traffic jams, common during peak hours at various points in the city. The seating and ventilation in buses is very decent. Since these buses are bigger, they have better shock absorbers that assist in comfortable journey on the uneven roads of Hyderabad.

•Less exposure to pollution -Seats in RTC buses are much higher off the ground. Unlike in autos and other vehicles, passengers will not have any issues with smoke coming in to the vehicle from exhaust pipes of other vehicles.

•Safe and secure -Compared to other transportation options, RTC buses are very safe. Drivers generally are well trained and know how to drive in the city. You can see their driving skills in narrow roads with full public, like in Sultan Bazaar, Koti.

•Convenience – RTC buses cover almost every area in the city. You will find a bus stop for every half km in the core city. Though most of the buses start at around 6 am, there are some services which will start as early as 3:30 am in the morning. You can find buses plying in the city till midnight.

APSRTC – major player in public transport:

The above mentioned reasons will definitely make them the most preferred options to travel in the city. This may be the reason why APSRTC does pretty good job in providing transportation to the citizens of the city despite consistent revenue losses. We will see some interesting statistics about APSRTC buses (only city services, not district) that made them a people’s choice.

•According to the latest statistics, 72% of the people in Hyderabad use public transport (buses, autos, cabs, MMTS) as the primary means of transportation. Out of which 98% depend on APSRTC.

•The organization maintains a bus fleet with more than 4,000 buses plying in different routes covering almost all the areas – not only in the core city but also the sub – urban areas.

•Everyday RTC buses make nearly 40,000 trips in the city, carrying around 36 lakh (on avg.) people.

•From 2,480 buses in 2000-02, RTC buses in city increased to 3,521 buses in 2009-10.

Types of RTC buses one can find on Hyderabad roads:

There are a variety of RTC bus services in Hyderabad. The fare for the bus depends on the comfort level it gives.

•Ordinary: More than 2,000 city ordinary buses are plying in the city. These buses are one of the cheapest ways to travel in the city. Just by paying Rs. 5/- we can travel up to 4 kms in these buses. These buses are painted in white and orange colours and the minimum fare in these buses in Rs. 4/- (up to three bus stops). These buses are always full; unless you board the bus at the starting stop or if it is an odd time (afternoon or night), you will rarely get a seat to sit.

•Metro Express: Around 1,215 Metro Express buses are running in the city. While the ordinary buses stop at every single stop, Metro Expresses will halt at major bus stops only. Minimum fare in these buses is Rs. 6. These are slightly bigger and bit spacious than the ordinary buses and are often painted in blue colour.

•JNNURM Metro Express: These are special buses which are sanctioned to the city under JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) scheme. Though the fares and halts are similar to that of the Metro Express, they are different look wise. These buses are lengthier and wider with semi-low floors. These buses have LED displays which display the bus number; bus origin and the stops in the route are also displayed. You can find them in white and blue colour. CNG buses are also introduced and around 147 CNG Metro Express buses are presently operating in the city.

•Metro Deluxe: Deluxe buses stop at less number of places than Metro Express buses and they are painted in Green colour. The minimum fare in these buses is Rs. 8/- and we can find special seating in these buses. As of now, around 50 Deluxe buses are plying in the city.

•Veera: Though Deluxe and Veera are same, they differ in their appearance. These buses are in blue colour, have LED displays and also have semi-low floors. Ticket fares are again the same. These buses were launched during 2002 National Games to carry the players. Hence, they got the name Veera, which was the mascot of National Games.

•City Sheetal: These buses offer maximum comfort. City Sheetals are completely air conditioned, have special seating arrangement, with push back seats, spacious leg room and with enough space for passengers to board. You can’t find foot board travel in these buses as the doors are completely locked and the driver opens and closes the automatic door at every stop. You can find them in Green colour and the minimum fare in these buses is Rs. 10/-. Presently there are 86 City Sheetals running in the city.

•Mini Buses: These are the latest entrants in to the city, popularly called as Charminar mini buses. They are small in size compared to the other buses, with less seating capacity of 32-40 seats. As of now they are being operated only in Charminar area as they are specially designed to ply in the narrow lanes of old city. Ticket rates are similar to that of ordinary bus fares and you can find them in white and red colours.

Huge bus fleet, economical fare, comfortable travel, and above all RTC buses enable safe and secure journey for every passenger. May be these are more than enough to become a common man’s choice.